Compliment and enhance the aromas and flavors of both the food and wine in pairing.

Many foods may be paired with Cabernet Sauvignon based on preparation, spices, and a robust sauce.


  • Salty foods emphasize the natural tannins in our cabernet.
  • Salty or sweet foods will soften our cabernet.
  • Our cabernet will have a cleansing mouth-feel with foods heavy in oils.
  • Our Cabernet Sauvignon matches with foods high in tannins (spicy tomato sauce).
  • Proteins will soften the tannins in our cabernet which is why beef is an excellent pairing.
  • The mild flavors of veal & halibut are overwhelmed by our full-bodied cabernet.
  • Unpleasant flavors result when combining white turkey meat with Cabernet Sauvignon resulting in metallic type nuances.


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